The Shivakoti couple fed the people living in the Sitaramesh quarantine According to the Quarantine Management Committee, Diwash Shivakoti and his wife Yashodha Sharma, currently residing in The US and are currently affiliated to various social organizations, have arranged lunch for about 40 people in Sitaramesh Quarantine of Buddhashanti Village. Shivakoti, who is also a member of the Joint Hand Youth Society and Budhabare Jaycee, said that he could not see others in distress. Saying that he loves Buddha Shanti very much even while living abroad, his wife Yashodha is also happy to be able to help the quarantine people.

Bhim Kumar Newar, coordinator of the quarantine management committee Buddhashanti and ward chairman of Buddhashanti Ward No. 1, has thanked the Shivakoti couple for providing food and snacks to the quarantine personnel at their own expense. Stating that it is the religion of the human race to help the afflicted even if they are not rich in the economic situation, Shivakoti has requested to help the poor and helpless.

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