In order to prevent the spread of corona virus, Nepal has also been shut down since April 25. A social organization called Yacht Family Trust has handed over 1650 kg of rice, 130 kg of pulses, 65 liters of oil, 65 kg of iodine salt and 65 bars of soap to Buddhashanti village on Friday. According to the organization, the materials were handed over with the aim of preventing the working class, the disabled, the disabled and the extremely poor families from going hungry during the lockdown.Keshab Dhungel, head of Sitaramesh Multipurpose Campus and Jhapa representative of the organization, handed over the food items to Buddhashanti Village Municipality Chairman Ramesh Kumar Bhujel at the office of Buddhashanti Villag Municipality.

The food items are rice, oil, salt, pulses and soap as decided by the village municipality, said Dhungel, head of Sitaramesh Campus Buddhashanti and Jhapa representative of the organization. Chairman Bhujel said that the food items would be distributed to the needy families of all the seven wards of Buddha Shanti. According to him, the food items will be distributed to 10 families in Buddhashanti Ward No. 1, 10 in 2, 13 in 3, 13 in 4, 16 in 5, 6 in 5, 6 in 6 and 5 in 7 families. Understanding the food items, village chairman Bhujel praised the organization. He said that the relief materials will be distributed to the working class, disabled, handicapped people and extremely needy families in a state of disarray. He said that it will be distributed in the form of Navina BK, director of the same family trust, said that she was happy to help her brothers and sisters in her village as she is also a citizen of Buddhashanti. She also thanked Ravi Roach, CEO of the same family trust, for providing financial support to the relief programShe said that the organization has already provided assistance to the poor and needy people in India, Pakistan, Maldives and other countries and will continue to provide more assistance in the coming days.

Correspondence : Matthew Baniya, editor Epurbeli online news jhapa

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